Welcome to the Academic Standards Institute (ASI)

The Academic Standards Institute (ASI) was established to bring academic standardization to online media including web pages, applications, data sets, written text, and other forms that have traditionally been presented in printed media.

The institute is part of the Rational Data Network, and was established and funded by Rational Data to qualify online information.

Unprecedented volumes of information are available online through web sites, databases, and other sources. But how reliable, accurate, and valid are these sources? How many times have you spent the time to read pages on a web site, only to discover that it is five years old and the information is grossly outdated? The absence of page dates is just one example of criteria that affects the value of online information, but there are many other factors that affect its quality. How can online information be qualified in order to know which are more accurate, current, and trustworthy than others?





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