Methodology and Theory:

ASI uses a number of methodologies to qualify information. These methods are spoken of at a general theoretical level throughout this site. However, our current policy is to not reveal the exact methodologies we use to establish the value of information.
ASI aims to qualify information across a vast array of information sources. This includes methodologies that work across paradigms as well as within paradigms, so that new sources and ideas can be vetted on their merit – not just on the basis of what may be traditionally accepted or believed by other experts in the field. One of the primary goals of ASI is to validate if the argument is sound, not necessarily whether it is in agreement with other other known sources in the same field.

Rational Data has provided ASI with the technology to perform n-dimensional, multi-metric cross-comparison, tagging, pattern matching, and other approaches that provide the basis for evaluating information. These strategies are applied to a vast array of commercial databases, newspapers, books, text media, the web, and about any imaginable media type and source from all over the world.

This technology allows ASI to take an approach to information that is functionally not within in the realm of possibility for most human readership because of the sheer volume and cross-field access.









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